compositions for theatre, film & mixed media

A23H Kurzbiographie
The Alfred 23 Harth Chronicles - reviews by Massimo Ricci
A23H in Bad Alchemy - reviews by Rigo Dittmann
Feature by Julian Cowley, The Wire 369, 2014

available groups

Hope  *  since 2015 
with Chris Cutler, Kazuhisa Uchihashi, Mitsuru Nasuno 

Bell's & Harth's Camellia  *  since 2013
with John Bell

Distant Relatives   * since 2011
with Torsten Muller, Dylan Van der Schyff, a.o.

The Expats   *   since 2010
with Samm Bennett, Kazuhisa Uchihashi, Carl Stone

Duo Gift Fig   *   since 2009
with Carl Stone

Former groups by or with A23H

recent recordings

CD "Malcha"      Moloko Plus 087, Germany 2016
Alfred 23 Harth / Wolfgang Seidel / Fabrizio Spera / Nicole van den Plas

> CD "Kepler 452b Edition"
Kendra Steiner Editions #336, USA 2016

> CD "Confucius Tarif Reduit",
Alfred 23 Harth / Marcel Daemgen /Joerg Fischer
on sporeprint, Germany 2015

> CD "Camellia", Alfred 23 Harth / John Bell
Kendra Steiner Editions #318, USA 2015 

> CD "Stellenbosch", Alfred 23 Harth / Carl Stone = Gift Fig
Kendra Steiner Editions #298, USA 2015 

> CD "Five Eyes", Alfred 23 Harth / Wolfgang Seidel, Moloko Plus 078,
Germany 2014

> CD "China Collection", compilation, Kendra Steiner Editions #275, USA 2014 

CD "REGION 2 FOR SECONDS, Alfred 23 Harth / Peter Kowald duo, Laubhuette Production M 44Korea

>Cassiber Box, 6 CDs + 1 DVD, Recommended Records, UK 


> CD "micro-saxo-phone, edition IV" A23H solo,
Kendra Steiner Editions #257, USA 2013 

> CD "As Yves Drew A Line. Estate" - A23H solos / compositions on Re-Records,            Hong Kong, released in 2013

> CD "The Expats" with Samm Bennett / Alfred 23 Harth / Carl Stone Kazuhisa Uchihashi on Kendra Steiner Editions #233, USA, released in 2013

> CD "Gestalt et Death" with Dead Country Şevket Akinci, Umut Çağlar, 
Murat Çopur, Kerem Öktem feat. Alfred 23 Harth, recorded in Istanbul 2011

on Al Maslakh, Beirut, Lebanon

> CD "E.M.T. live at Fabrik Hamburg 1973" with Nicole van den Plas /
Sven-Ake Johansson / A23H. Within the CD box "Early Works" by Sven-Ake
Johansson on SÅJ-CD 19/23/24/25, Berlin, Germany

> CD "Gift Fig" with the Duo Carl Stone / Alfred Harth on
Kendra Steiner Editions, USA 2012

> CD "Entelechy" with "7k Oaks" Massimo Pupillo (Zu) / Luca Venitucci / 
Fabrizio Spera / A23H , on die schachtel, Italy

> Mini CD "Red Canopy" with Soojung Kae / Chang U Choi / A23H, 
Kendra Steiner Editions #200, USA

> CD "micro-saxo-phone, edition III",  A23H solo,
 Kendra Steiner Editions #175, USA 2011

>  "@ blankies end" Laubhuette Production M 28, Korea


> CD "Taste Tribes" with Günter Müller / Hans Joachim Irmler / A23H / and samples by Eruption & Kawabata Makoto
on for4ears, Switzerland

> CD Trio Viriditas: "Live at Vision Festival VI" with Wilber Morris / Kevin Norton / A23H on Clean Feed, CF 115, Portugal 


> "micro-saxo-phone, edition II", A23H solo
Laubhuette Production M10 , Korea 2008

> CD "7000 oaks" with "7k Oaks" Massimo Pupillo (Zu) / Luca Venitucci /
Fabrizio Spera / A23H , on die schachtel, Italy

> CD "Sora" with Otomo Yoshihide's band "Invisible Songs" on EWE, Japan

> 2CD ONJO Live Vol.2 "parallel circuit", Otomo Yoshihide's New Jazz Orchestra
on doubtmusic, Japan

> CD+DVD "Homura", Choi Sun Bae / Yoriyuki Harada / A23H on off note, Japan

> 2CD ONJO Live Vol.1 "series circuit" Otomo Yoshihide's New Jazz Orchestra
on doubtmusic, Japan

> CD "Expedition" Hans Tammen / Chris Dahlgren / Jay Rosen / A23H
on ESP,  USA

>2DVD "Otomo Yoshihide Music(s)" a film by Guillaume Dero with ONJE in Paris (with A23H) on La Huit, France

cooperations / former groups

Alfred Harth's cooperation with Otomo Yoshihide 

Alfred Harth's cooperation with Heiner Goebbels

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